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Scott Takeda

I started working with Adam from LMA in the fall of 2020 for some private sessions and as of January 2021 have been following a monthly program. At the age of 37 with zero experience lifting weights and working out in a gym, I found it quite intimidating to make the leap and start.  However, I can now say it's easily been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Adam has been fantastic as a coach and mentor, super knowledgeable, very encouraging/motivating and has turned exercising into a fun hobby.  I now look forward to getting into the gym and have seen lots of personal progress and gains physically and mentally. I see the way Adam and Karleena work with their other clients and they consistently provide their undivided and genuine attention.  At 38 now, I've never felt healthier or happier and I attribute much of this success to the LMA.

Kennedy Taylor

I was introduced to LMA because I was searching for some guidance, accountability and confidence in the gym. I went into working with Karleena  with  absolutely no background in weight training or “gym lifestyle”.  It was super intimidating yet, from day one Karleena made it easy. She is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. Her training style is about sustainable lifestyles inside and outside of the gym and not just crazy workouts and diets fads. LMA as a whole has given me the physical and mental strength I didn’t know I had, the confidence in the gym environment I never thought I’d enjoy. I am proud to be a part of Loaded Movement Academy.

Working with a professional such as Karleena is absolutely worth the investment in yourself. She brings such joy and enthusiasm to the big gains, and small setbacks of any lifter’s week. 


I’d never lifted free weights, and was uncertain how to proceed on my own. I felt supported and properly educated on building safe (Loaded!) movement. Her program and incredible feedback has alleviated back pain from a desk job, and allowed space to re-connect to my body. Know it better. Understand what it needs and support it. 


If what you need is a gym buddy who can help keep you accountable, and gaining strength, she’s your lady. She really wants to see, and celebrate those wins as much as you do.

Jocelyn Dewar

Shelby Hollas

Hello team, my name is Shelby Hollas-Arnett and I am a current athlete for Loaded Movement Academy (LMA). I have been training with LMA for roughly 2 years now on a consistent basis, including one on one training and online programming. 


Prior to joining the LMA team, I was a competitive dancer, as well as a competitive long distance runner. This built the athletic foundation that helped me thrive as a new LMA athlete. Competitive athletics was always a huge part of my life. But as my life shifted from competition, I found my love for strength training. Strength training soon became an important part of my life for SO many reasons. I always took pride in the effort and discipline that I poured into my fitness, however it wasn’t until I met my friend and current coach Adam, when I realized I wanted to take my training to the next level. When I first started with Adam I had a goal of participating in my very first bikini fitness competition. It was something I had contemplated for years. I took my time in deciding if the decision was right for me, and if this was something I was prepared for. Throughout my competition preparation I realized just how critical the support, encouragement and love from the LMA team was for the success that I had. Those are the main qualities within this group, and it’s the reason that I am still an LMA athlete to this day.


My entire experience as an LMA athlete has been incredible. This team has now become more like an extended family. My coach provides me structure, accountability, encouragement, and sometimes the much needed honest truth. Adam is one of the most professional and personable people I have ever met. The time and effort that he has put into me as an athlete and into my personalized programs has been outstanding. The one big difference I have noticed in my training since joining this team is my mindset going into my training. My training is based around my lifestyle, my interests, and my abilities. Adam takes all of my lifestyle factors into account including physical, mental, and social and creates an environment that I enjoy being in. My programs consist of movement that transfer Into everyday life and will continue to benefit me in years to come. The most important thing I have learned from Adam and this team is to respect your ability to move, all while having fun doing it, with people you enjoy being around. 


🤟🏼 LMA for life

Greg Brown

I cannot say enough about Karleena and Adam at Loaded Movement Academy from both a personal and professional standpoint. They are some of the most enthusiastic, considerate, knowledgeable, passionate, and generous people I have ever been around. Above all, their humility and student mentality are what make them so easy to connect with and keep you gravitating towards their aura. It has been a pleasure to work as a team alongside these professionals to assist in keeping their clients moving towards their goals when pain and sensitivities arise. It is very easy to see the powerful impact these two have had on their clients and the community and I look forward to witnessing all their upcoming growth in the future!

A few months prior to starting my journey with LMA, I was exercising almost daily at the gym and regularly attending pole classes. I was generally content with my performance and my appearance, so long as it didn't fluctuate. And then COVID hit. Naturally my workouts changed, and I wasn't able to maintain the same physique I'd struggled to previously maintain.


Then came Karleena. As the gyms were reopening I received a message asking if I'd participate in a case study for a month. Karleena was my first pole instructor, and although I didn't know her very well, I knew her to be a great teacher and a strong woman, and someone I always admired. I took her up on the opportunity and I haven't looked back.


As of right now, I have been with LMA for 8 months. Working with a coach has redefined my love for movement. Karleena and Adam are passionate people who want to help me succeed. We set goals together — and make them happen! I can finally do a push-up and a pull-up (yay!)


Training is a way for me to challenge, express, and uplift myself in a way I thought only pole could. Karleena truly cares about my wellbeing. She works with me to create a fun program designed to push me in the gym, and benefit me in the dance studio and out in daily activities. Having a program allows me to focus and work efficiently in the gym, leaving time for all the other things I enjoy in life. 


Thanks to LMA I now workout with purpose. I've found a community of like-minded hard workers. I have a mentor. I don't feel tied down to the gym or obsessive. I have a much better appreciation for my body and all that it does. I love being strong and having muscles. I'm a lot happier and I am very proud of myself.

Ceitinn Cusson

Maddy Dawson

Before LMA I struggled with my weight and appearance. Being a former varsity athlete to a full time desk job changed my overall lifestyle and I quickly lost track of how to move. Joining LMA allowed me to accept myself for me, but also gave me the tools to fuel my body and show me how to move my body. Working with Karleena has enabled me to shift my mindset from wanting to appear “thin” to STRONG!

Megan Brooke

I started training with Adam at Loaded Movement Academy (LMA) 3 years ago. At that time, I was a couple months into my journey of developing a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia which negatively impacted my quality of life. My relationship with food was negative. I felt a lot of anxiety around eating which resulted in me under eating and not nourishing my body. I also did excessive cardio with little to no strength training. This combo resulted in mental and physical fatigue. 


During a conversation with Karleena about my journey, she recommended that I meet with Adam to discuss coaching with him.  

My experience with LMA has been life changing. I have learned extremely important skills that have positively influenced all aspects of my life. I have not only learned how to lift properly, but also how to take care of myself in regards to nutrition and self care. I have gained self confidence, self respect, self love, and my view and appreciation of my body has positively changed.

I’ve been involved with Loaded Movement Academy (LMA) as an external resource for several years now. 


I have been beyond impressed with Adam and Karleena’s commitment to their craft and diligence in honing their skills as strength and movement coaches. 


Their desire to continually learn and improve their skills is a testament to their success in the fitness industry which puts them in a top tier position as coaches and fitness advocates.


Lastly, they provide an enthusiastic and motivating atmosphere for anyone of any fitness level to be welcomed into.

Cole Thevenot


"We are stronger individually and as a family… in mind and body, since we started. We love our experience with LMA!"

       Gina, Dwaine, Gray, Ben

Hannah Vandenberg

Hey! My name’s Hannah, and I joined LMA at the beginning of 2021, and have been completing programs with Kar for about 3 months now. Prior to LMA, I had casually gone to the gym and done a bit of training but was still generally shy and incredibly intimidated weight training in a Co-ed gym. I’ve never been athletic and uncoordinated, so this was wildly outside of my comfort zone. I also have been recovering from a back injury and had some bad habits that needed to be adjusted. It’s hard to describe the mindset shift I’ve experienced since beginning training with LMA. Adam and Karleena were both incredibly welcoming and supportive from the start, and I never felt silly or embarrassed training around them. As my goals are movement-based, I’ve loved working with the team, being taught healthy movement patterns and the ‘why’ behind my programs. Kar has been an incredible source of information, and the academy lives up to it’s name of providing education that’s brought sustainable change. Proper movement and form is a huge focus before adding any weight, and I found knowing that I was doing movements properly really helped with my confidence training on my own. I also really appreciated the holistic approach of LMA. From the beginning application, the focus has been on mental, physical, and emotional health, rather than just aesthetics. Having had a history with body image issues, Kar has been an incredible support, and made sure the program and discussion surrounding my training revolved around strength and how I feel, rather than calories and aesthetics. I can’t say enough for what this program has done for me: I’ve gained so much confidence, knowledge, and am so proud of my increase in strength and the things my body can do. I’m so thankful I could meet this wonderful crew, and be a part of the Loaded Movement Academy. If you’re on the fence about training, do yourself a favor and hop off it ;)

Sacha Murtonen

Where were you at before you joined LMA? Before joining LMA, I was just a gal with a friend who inspired me daily with her dedication to her life, health, and trade. Now I train with her too!! :)


What has been your experience working with an LMA coach? So far it has been a great experience. (I am a newbie)  The LMA coaches are extremely knowledgeable and work so incredibly hard behind the scenes to make sure that their programs are safe, sustainable, and fun! (Bonus) they really know their stuff right down to head to toe anatomy of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, and neurological systems (and the rest of the system too I am sure). They provide attentive check-ins on your physical health of course, but also your mental and emotional health as well. 


How are things different for you now as a result of being a student of strength with LMA? I have more direction and discipline at the gym. My main goal was to be able to feel safe lifting after a workplace disk injury- and thanks to LMA, I do feel confident and safe that I can train without pain!

Since I started with LMA all of my assumptions about my own ability or lack there of have been challenged. I joined LMA after my second child was born in an attempt to try to familiarize myself with a body that was drastically changed from pregnancy, birth and all the changes that. I have always struggled with my body image and just assumed that i was bad at athletics and so would be bad at this too. My coach came alongside and  challenged every preconceived idea I had about my own abilities. She built a plan around my needs, not just my physical goals. She took the time to understand what would help me succeed. I have never stuck to a program before but with LMA i am actually excited about my workouts. The focus is on what I can do, not what about me isn't good enough. My coach is always there for clarification on correct form. I appreciate the science-backed education she has, she has biological why behind every answer. I also appreciate her working with my schedule, I have 2 under 3 so she has made my program accessible when going to the gym or committing to a regular time isn't possible. I rave about my incredible experience with LMA every chance I get.  They are professional, progressive and positive.

Kareena Harwood

Alyssa Shore

Before I joined LMA, I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of strength training. My fitness consisted of yoga, low intensity cardio and cycling around my city. I ate healthy but never understood macros or what they represented in my diet. Through working with Karleena, I learned how to properly fuel my body with food that will benefit my strength training. She taught me proper form through personal sessions that made me feel confident being on my own in the gym. Karleena is so supportive, non judgemental, and is 100% on my team through the entire process. She is open to feedback with what works really well in my program and what isn’t working for me. She gives really amazing feedback through videos I take at the gym so I feel ready for my next visit. I don’t feel any pressure to perform, instead I’m motivated to be consistent and get strong! Being a student of strength has completely changed my view of fitness and it improved my lifestyle.

Erin Switzer

Becoming a part of LMA has transformed my life in so many ways. I was previously living an unhealthy lifestyle and suffered from mental health and substance abuse challenges-  when I got clean working out became my outlet. I began training with my coach who has been a huge support system in my life, always pushing me to my full potential. 


The coaches are so unbelievably knowledgeable and motivating. They are passionate about what they do and create fully customized programs. I started focusing on strength training and the amount of progress I've seen in the time with LMA has brought me more confidence and inspiration that I've ever thought possible. I am not only stronger physically but I've also never been more mentally fit. They really do treat you like family!

My journey with fitness has always been a little all over the map. Back in December of 2019 I was in a low place with some things going on in my personal life and was feeling like I had no control and no motivation. It just so happens that I ran into my old friend Adam during that time, and like Adam is so good at doing, he got me pumped up on getting myself out of that funk and back into a routine that would vastly improve my overall well-being. Adam is a born motivator. He is hilarious, he’s compassionate, he’s OCD (trust me this is a damn good thing in a trainer) and he KNOWS HIS STUFF. Before my journey with LMA, I really had no idea what I was doing in the gym. I had no goals, no structure, no accountability. Working with this talented team has given me not only an absolutely deadly set of ever changing workouts and a pretty fantastic new skill set and confidence in the gym, it’s also given me a supportive and uplifting community. Learning how strong I was capable of being in the gym, really did translate into stepping into my own power and capability outside of the gym, and that’s something that is absolutely priceless. I love you, Adam and Kar!! Thank you for being such a fantastic gym family

Megs McLennan

Andrea Bertulli

Prior to LMA I did mostly cardio based exercise like soccer, running, and group exercise. I joined LMA in June 2020 and Adam introduced me to loaded movements and I fell in love instantly. I feel powerful, capable, and it's fun! Karleena and Adam show their constant support and are two people I admire for the hard work and discipline they show in their personal training, their own workouts and goals, and their every day. One could say I'm a fan!

Kailey Merriman

Before I became a part of LMA, I had just moved to Vancouver to grow in my career. I had very little experience in the gym and struggled with chronic back pain and confidence. 


My experience working with a coach from LMA has been incredible. It was all online for the first 5 months until I moved to the island where I got to be around my coach full time.  


Since I have joined LMA, I have become more confident, healthier both physically and mentally, and have grown into someone who wants to motivate others to succeed in gym and in their personal relationships with themselves

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